Welcome to Our New site

I started this journey in Vermont on a dairy farm where I had collie’s that we raised for herding.  Pumpkin Harbor was my grandfather’s farm in Cambridge Vt.  He raised collie’s and got my start here.   As with most, I had to give a lot of this up for college.  After a very long break, I was able to start riding again, and get my first golden Fiesta.

I have ‘collected’ many dogs along the way. The dogs have done several different venues including conformation, obedience,  along with  hunting/retrieving.  And they like the outdoor work the best. They all stay in the house, and Fiesta 12yo sleeps on the bed!

I consider this a small family business, and hope to have many successful litters in the future.  I am very health conscience, and have done much research on best foods for them.  I make most of the dog food and snacks for them.

Please enjoy this journey with us.  There will be more to come as I develop this website.